Re: The End of Privacy ?

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At 01:40 AM 6/27/98 EDT, you wrote:
><< but these records are subpoenaed regularly during
> inverstigations, see what they are doing to Monica Lewinski's book
> purchasing records. >>
>Honestly, this sort of thing ought to seriously worry anyone who
values their
>privacy. Regardless of what you think of Clinton or Lewinsky or any
of the
>other people in this mess, it seems to me that any tax-payer ought
to be, at
>the very least, annoyed at the cost of Mr. Starrs investigation into
>or not two consenting adults engaged in any sexual act.
>The man is a menace.

'Special prosecutor' always reminds me of the Inquisition, somehow. I
keep expecting the appearance of 'instruments' to get the subjects
into the proper frame of mind at any moment.

Such practices as grand juries and congressional inquiries, that
operate outside of the normal bounds of the legal system as regards
self incrimination and jailing persons who refuse to testify are
inmimical to liberty. If someone has not been accused of actively
breaking a law, and has not been convicted of same, should not be put
in prison for arbitrary periods just because they decline to answer

Freedom of speech implies the freedom to NOT speak, I believe..

Chuck Kuecker

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