Re: The End of Privacy ?

Michelle Jones (
Fri, 26 Jun 1998 22:41:38 -0700

James Daugherty wrote:

> >Of course the card can be used to track your movements...every time you use
> >it, your position will be known....if it is required for many many uses by
> >government fiat.
> >I want the government as inefficient as possible in enforcing its dirty
> >stinking laws.

heres a spin on privacy that i dont often see:suppose we wanted to form a system
that intentionally ended
privacy, for volunteers only. one could sign up, pay a fee, get
a magnetic chip implanted in or on one's person, that would
allow the government or anyone else to know ones whereabouts
and actions at any time. this would apply only to those of us who
are hard-line openness advocates. it would carry medical records,
for instance, financial information for use in purchasing, or for
allowing advertising people to really know what i am interested
in purchasing, etc. i think i might sign up for something like that,
just to show that for a subset of humanity, total openness is nothing
to fear. or perhaps i would learn that this is something to be feared? spike