Re: The AI revolution (Was: Re: >H ART: The Truman Show)

Max M (
Fri, 26 Jun 1998 08:04:21 +0200

Anders Sandberg wrote:
> den Otter <> writes:

> > Although this machine wouldn't be "conscious" like a human, it would
> > nonetheless still classify as "intelligent", since it could
> > learn from its own and other's mistakes or success, and improve
> > its performance. Is this what they call "weak" AI?
> I'm not sure, but it is close. I seem to recall that "weak" AI is
> systems that can do a lot of apparently intelligent stuff, but aren't
> really intelligent. Strong AI claims that it is possible to build
> truly intelligent systems. Maybe a better term would be Asimov AI - AI
> with built in servitor programming.

Well actually as far as i remember, a weak superintelligence is just as
intelligent as a human. Only it is greatly overclocked. It doesn't work
smarter just faster.

But maybe im mixing my AI's and my superintelligences here?


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