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Thu, 25 Jun 1998 20:21:47 EDT

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<< I can't reconcile god with evil because i simply can't buy the argument
god is standing aside, neutral. Observing. Letting us make it or not. For
one simple reason. There is no such thing as being neutral in such a
situation. It is, say, Charles Mansons, choice to commit evil. Fine. What
about his victims?. Where did their choice go? Or the victims of horrible
diseases, accidents and the like. These may not be things you consider evil,
but I certainly consider any god that would sit by and permit such, to be
evil, ruthless, and sadistic.

I don't think that it's the best reconciliation either. But it could become
more appealing if we just added more components. Perhaps, if we came up with
some identity theory to support it, any damage done by the evil choices of
others is simultaneously compensated for in, say, other universes which don't
interact but for the grace of God. Or perhaps the victims are compensated
later in time. Perhaps, assuming a different view of time, the victims are
simultaneously being compensated in this world.
<shrug> But frankly the only defenses I think have a shot are the "beyond
current knowledge" or "free will" defenses.