Re: Creationists
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 02:07:46 EDT

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<< This sounds as if god has, for whatever reason, taken a "neutral" stand on
issue. Leaving it to us humans to sink or swim, so to speak. The flaw i see
in this is tha this "neutral" god allows his chosen spokespeople to tolerate
evil, even to promote it and even, in some cases, to engage in it! I'm
supposed to believe in a religion whose leaders are corrupt? A religion
followers frequently demonstrate their displeasure with a persons flaws by
killing that person? A religion that says a person is evil or "ungodly"
because of a biological difference, weather that difference be a matter of
skin color, sexuality, or whatever other perceived offense?>>

Well hold on now. The issue was whether we could reconcile the idea of God
with the presence of evil and not end up with the conclusion that we should
not try to overcome evil ourselves. It simply has nothing to do with the
particulars of any specific religion.