Re: Creationists
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 23:32:41 EDT

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<< we would simply be extension of God
rather than independent creatures (and what would be the point in creating us
if that's so? >>

What would be the point in creating us, period? What need has an omnipotent
being for a purposely flawed being? This god person created people with
freewill and also with the ability and capacity for acts of nearly
unimaginable cruelty. For what possible reason? One experiments when one does
not know what the result will be. This god is omniscient. He has no need to
experiment, no doubt as to what will happen. Yet he creates these beings and
sets them spinning anyway?

This seems to me a rather depressing idea. I prefer to believe in myself. In
my own ability, imagination, adaptability. Rather than sit around wondering
what the "purpose" is to existence, i prefer to live it. To discover the
answers and the questions for myself. If the price to be paid for the
supposed comfort offered by a "better life in the hereafter" is the fear and
ignorance demanded by the religionists, i'll pass.

Heinlein once had a character remark that "one can bask in the warmth of
religion, or stand in the cold light of reason." I'll take the cold light.
It may not always comfort, but its dangers can be met and overcome. And it
beats the daylights out of groveling around on my knees begging for some aloof
being to be nice to me.

Be well, Cori

..."Ignorance and Prejudice and Fear walk hand in hand..."