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>>Without information there would be no such definition
>>[of fundamental], nobody around to appreciate it, and nobody to
>>debate what has the most of it.

>Agreed. After all, a definition is information, and so no
>information necessarily means no definitions. But so what?

So even in the unlikely possibility that there is something more fundamental
than information we need not worry about it because we'll never understand it.
Information on the other hand we understand, in fact it's the only thing we
can understand.

>I think the question of the status of information (a set of facts
>about a thing or just any set of concepts?)

How about a set of facts about facts?

>is one which must be resolved via methods other than empirical

Only in pure mathematics is experiment unnecessary, and that is most
certainly the study of information about information. When the recursion of
the information about information idea gets very high such as in physics or
even higher in biology or sociology things are far too complicated to figure
out from first principles and experiment is essential.

John K Clark

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