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Wed, 24 Jun 1998 11:07:50 +0200

>"Verdop" <> Wrote: On Sun, 21 Jun 1998 Wrote:
> >Religion is connected with believe not with explanations. Either
> >can believe, or you can`t.
>I understand that, what I don't understand is why believing in something
>there is no good reason for doing so is supposed to be virtuous.

Religions are thought-constructions for people who need them. Many do so,
they just have got to have something that frames their life, something
that`s valid forever, because they`d get crazy if they were fully alone. If
you have an own "religion", you don`t need to take over the thoughts of the
popular religions.

But it seems that you always need an explanation, a good reason for your
doings. You can`t act without them, right?

> >There won`t ever be an explanation in a real religion.
>True, and that's exactly why religion is garbage.

>From your point of view, maybe. Religion is trying to help humans in their
lives, but not forcing them to believe. For many people religion is the only
really certain thing in the whole of their lives.

> >Why should God create a perfectly suited world for humans?
>If God is a sadist then you're correct, there is no reason to expect him to
>treat us with kindness.

A perfectly suited world can`t exist. It couldn`t work.

> >If there`re no problems and obstacles there can`t be any
>So what? Evolution is a horribly cruel process, God is omnipotent so He
>should not need it to create us, unless He just likes to see us suffer.

I don`t think god is omnipotent in every religion. God just can`t be
omnipotent. Nothing can be perfect or omnipotent.
So, why do you think, evolution is a horribly cruel process? Evolution is
part of nature and we couldn`t exist without it.

But perhaps God actually wants to see us suffer.<g> Perhaps humans will do
so when they want to create worlds for AL.

> >The way you express your explanation implies that you don`t
> >in the freedom of spirit.
>I don't know if I believe in that or not because I don't know what
>"freedom of spirit" means.

How may I understand this?

> >It`s a matter of opinion if something is good or not.
>Then God and religion have nothing to say about morality, we already know
>they have nothing intelligent to say about the physical world so the only
>conclusion to draw is that the millions of words written by the pious are
>utterly vacuous.

You`re right in the first two lines, but your conclusion is wrong. Many
religious texts may be vacous. The most important thing in a religion is
getting support by believing.

> >If you think like this, you`ll never be religious.
>Thanks, I hope you're right.

No problem, that`s all right. I`m sure you won`t be religios.;-)