Re: Creationists

Verdop (
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 11:07:40 +0200

>Science is our greatest method for finding truth, but religion generates

Science is one way of finding truth, not the only one, the one which is
most famous among humans. But truth is nothing absolute, truth is
The way science describes the truth is a model of the truth, not the only
real and right way of seeing it.

>I'm telling you that Science will lead you to the top of the mountain but
>when you get there you'll have no idea what your looking at unless you
>embrace your soul and take a little religion along too.

That`s right. But it hasn`t to be a religion like christianity or buddhism,
it can be your "own religion" created by your own thougts.

For this, it may be helpful first to get close to some of the famous