Re: Creationists

Scott Badger (
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 13:25:17 -0500

Okanna Borra wrote:

>This is really easy to understand, I can summarise in four words...
>Science is our greatest method for finding truth, but religion >generates
>I think you'll find very little true meaning if you worship science alone.

*true* meaning? That's practically an oxymoron. First of all, meaning is
uniquely constructed by each individual, depending as it does on that
individual's personal history, environmental context, personality, etc. The
notion that there is such a thing as *true* meaning just doesn't make sense
to me. Secondly, I don't know what makes you think that religion is the
only vehicle available to us for constructing meaning in our lives. What's
meaningful in our lives is what's relevant and valued.

>I recommend Ken Wilber's latest book "The marriage of sense and soul" an
>excellent attempt to integrate Science AND religion... It can be done, if
>you want to do it...
>I get the feeling you don't, however.... and your life will remain

When I was an adolescent, I came to the conclusion that science and religion
were simply two different approaches toward learning the same ultimate
truth. It was later that I learned that religion starts with meaning and
distorts the truth to fit, amending their doctrines only when science
provides irrefutable and undeniable evidence to the contrary. If they want
to continue to do this, fine. Science will not, hopefully, adjust it's laws
because of religious beliefs that lack evidence. But this has all been said

>I'll say it again. Science will lead you to Truth, Religion will lead you
>meaning. Combine the two and you'll be the happiest man alive....

Lots of deluded people are happy. On the other hand, I can be very happy
without needing religious meaning. You sound completely sold on the idea
that the non-religious lead empty and meaningless lives. P'shaw.

Scott Badger