Re: Creationists

James Rogers (
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 09:55:59 -0700

At 02:42 PM 6/23/98 +0100, Okanna Borra wrote:
>Religion is not garbage, most true religious belief systems don't pretend to
>explain anything. Okay, admittedly there is some pretty lame physics in the
>Bible, but the idea wasn't to give a true model, it was for something far
>more noble.
>This is really easy to understand, I can summarise in four words...
>Science is our greatest method for finding truth, but religion generates

This is something I have never understood. Why does everything have to
have "meaning"? And where does this requirement come from? Most things
have the same real value whether they have meaning or not. Religion is far
less a source for meaning than it is a crutch for whatever psychological
state creates the requirement for meaning in the first place.

Some things have meaning for me personally, but religion is not the source
and I don't attribute any type of absolute truth to these meanings either.

-James Rogers