Re: extropian memes

Michelle Jones (
Mon, 22 Jun 1998 18:22:35 -0700

we will all likely agree that extropian memes spread and mutate
much more readily among the young, which interests me in the
concepts to be found in childrens literature.

there was a cartoon in about the late 60s-early 70s (tho my childhood
memories are dim) about a talking dog and four teenagers who went
about solving crimes and such: scooby doo. recently it occurred
to me that the dog and the dumb guy were superstitious, whereas the
smart ones solved the mysteries using logic and reason. there was always a
logical explanation to everything in the end, whereas the bad guys were always
trying to scare them away using techniques that were effective only on
the superstitious non-logical players.

there was another show called johnny quest, where johnny and his
scientist father and companions go about saving the world, again
thru technological means. they would always overcome techno-evildoers
by producing a still more sophisticated technological solution.

i salute the creators of these childrens shows. perhaps it was
partially thru their influence that my thinking is extropian today,
this philosphy being a natural extention of the anti-superstitious
techno-can-do-ism of scooby doo and johnny quest.

(sorry max more, i suspect both of these shows were before your time... {8^D