Re: Turtles, turtles, turtles... (was Re: Creationists)

Dan Clemmensen (
Mon, 22 Jun 1998 19:06:45 -0400

Bryan Moss wrote:
> Jeff Fabijanic wrote:
> > However, it is worth pointing out that even
> > in modern physics, we seem to have
> > infinitely-regressing-turtle-like situations,
> > eg the apparently always receding "smallest
> > things". First we thought it was gross
> > elements, then atoms, then subatomic
> > particles (mesons, leptons etc), and now even
> > these themselves appear to be composed of yet
> > smaller elements - the quarks. I for one,
> > would not be suprised to hear scientists
> > speak of even more fundamental
> > objects/concepts of reality. It certainly
> > seems sometimes as though the grain of the
> > universe is always just small enough for us
> > to barely make out, but when our "eyes" get
> > better we see that the grain is finer still.
> I recently heard that scientists somewhere have
> found that quarks have a structure of some kind.
> Does anyone have information on this?
> Bryan Moss

Altavista: +quark +structure finds:


CDF Results Raise Questions on Quark Structure

An article to appear in the February 9 issue of Science describes
results contained in a paper submitted to Physical Review Letters by
the 450-member Collider Detector at Fermilab collaboration. The
CDF paper reports results that appear to be at odds with predictions
based on the current theory of the fundamental structure of matter.
The paper, submitted January 21, reports the collaboration's
measurement of the probability that the fundamental constituents of
matter will be deflected, or will "scatter," when very high energy
protons collide with antiprotons, according to CDF spokesmen
William Carithers and Giorgio Bellettini.