Holism?? -Reply

Gerhard Kessell-Haak (gerhard_kessell-haak@mail.tait.co.nz)
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 10:32:56 +1200

>>I?ve noted that you (and others) repeatedly use terms such as
>>and ?measure? - unfortunately these terms are only valid for sets
>>these can have meaning (such as the set of Reals). For example, for
>>set of operators O = {+, -, *}, where O is not a Paeno set, what is the
>>difference between {+} and {-} ?
> IAN: That's tangential. Glad you
> found the time to make a case that
> really has nothing to do with the topic.

I'm betting that you don't have a clue as to what the above means ....

>>To state that ?A = -A?, where the context of the left side is different
>>the context of the right side is logically invalid, and is an abuse of the
>>?=? sign.
> IAN: That's not what I said.

Well, here's a direct quote:

> .. So A = -A and does not = -A at the same time in different contexts.

Like I said, Ian, go to a local college and learn about what you're talking
about before trying to convince others.