Re: Creationists

Verdop (
Sun, 21 Jun 1998 19:43:15 +0200

> wrote:
>Excellent point. Besides this, I think that I can point out one area where
it can
>be shown that we do not live in the absolute best of all possible
>take c, the speed of light, and e=mc^2. Because this is such a low velocity
>relative to the size of the universe, yet requires such an incredibly large
>amount of energy to reach with a spacecraft, relative to the energy
>capacity of a technological civilization in that universe, this puts a huge
>on our ability to fulfill the Creator's command to disperse, multiply, and
>the universe that our 'Creator' has made for us. Moreover, even closer to
>the high gravity of our planet also puts a similar brake on our ability to
>disperse into the universe, making it expensive and difficult to move any
>significant percentage of our race into space. Because of these severe
>limitations, it is obvious that we actually do NOT live in the best of all
>possible universes.
>so therefore, since this universe is not perfectly suited for God's
creations to
>bear forth and multiply, we cannot live in a universe created by a
>divine being.

Sorry, but I think this is a really stupid argumentation. Why should God
create a perfectly suited world for humans? If there`re no problems and
obstacles there can`t be any evolution.
How do you define "perfectly" suited? Nothing can definitely be perfect for
humans, because you don`t know which way they will take. The way you express
your explanation implies that you don`t believe in the freedom of spirit.
It`s a matter of opinion if something is good or not.