Re: The Best Possible World

Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 22 Jun 1998 08:43:56 -0400

John K Clark wrote:

> >>Me:
> >>how about a planet that had lots of heavy elements so it was 4 times
> >>as dense as the Earth but only 2000 miles in diameter. The Earth
> >>would have 64 times the volume and 16 times the mass, but the
> >>gravity on the surface of this small world would be exactly the same
> >>as we have, 1g. The good part is that the escape velocity would only
> >>be 1/16 that of the Earth.
> > Michael Lorrey <>
> >if its smaller it would have a larger volume????
> No. The Earth is 8000 miles in diameter and would have a volume 64 times that
> of a planet 2000 miles in diameter, and that's just what I said. Even if the
> smaller world was 4 times as dense the Earth would still have 16 times the
> mass.

Yeah, sorry, I read it backwards I guess....