Re: creationsim
Sun, 21 Jun 1998 00:59:48 EDT

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<< For too long, the "Big Bang" theory of creation has reigned supreme,
despite glaring meta-cosmological problems, and has been complacently
accepted >>
Complacently accepted?.. Hardly.. We all know that the big bang theory has
holes..gapping ones at that... but, as i said before, at least we admit the
holes.. Religions, all religions, consider themselves complete. No holes, no
unanswered questions. Easy to do when the "answer" is "because God(s) willed
it thus"
Which of course isn't any answer at all. It is along the lines of telling our
children " because I said so" when they ask why about something.

I, for one, and I expect everyone on this list, have no desire to remain a
child. Therefore, such answers don't measure up.

"... Ignorance and Prejudice and Fear walk hand in hand..."