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Jonathan Colvin (
Sat, 20 Jun 1998 17:48:06 -0700

Thom Quin wrote:
"The article on AI says computers could never really think because God
made people special. It could be called an opinion magazine however :)"

That is essentially the same thing that Penrose seems to believe (minus the
God bit). Also, Occam's razor is merely a guide, and cannot have
explanatory force.

For too long, the "Big Bang" theory of creation has reigned supreme,
despite glaring meta-cosmological problems, and has been complacently
accepted. It is now becoming clear that there is much beyond the Big Bang.
Let me be clear...I do not believe in God or a created universe. Hpwever, a
few forward-looking cosmologists speculate that we will eventually be able
to create baby universes in the laboratory. Is it too much of a stretch to
think that we could eventually create a universe with initial conditions
fitting for life (even though we could never access it)? Then the last
laugh will be on creationists, for at that point, we will be "God" (although
not the sort of God that they envisage).

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