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> > >there is room here for those who wish to believe in a creator to
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> The principle of creation implies a creator...BUT...who created the
> creator...and who created the creator who created the creator...and who
> created the creator who created the creator who...............
> seems that occams razor would be better...

Excellent point. Besides this, I think that I can point out one area where it can
be shown that we do not live in the absolute best of all possible universes,

take c, the speed of light, and e=mc^2. Because this is such a low velocity
relative to the size of the universe, yet requires such an incredibly large
amount of energy to reach with a spacecraft, relative to the energy production
capacity of a technological civilization in that universe, this puts a huge crimp
on our ability to fulfill the Creator's command to disperse, multiply, and subdue
the universe that our 'Creator' has made for us. Moreover, even closer to home,
the high gravity of our planet also puts a similar brake on our ability to
disperse into the universe, making it expensive and difficult to move any
significant percentage of our race into space. Because of these severe
limitations, it is obvious that we actually do NOT live in the best of all
possible universes.

so therefore, since this universe is not perfectly suited for God's creations to
bear forth and multiply, we cannot live in a universe created by a perfectly
divine being.

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