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I though I'd pass this on the the extropians, more pseudoscience is NOT
what the public needs to read.

Thom Quinn
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Please read this entire message if you care about science.

Yesterday, I went to a Barnes and Noble bookstore and found a new
"science" magazine (Volume 1, Number 2) next too Popular Science and
Scientific American. This magazine is called Cosmic Pursuits. At first,
I was happy to see a new magazine which claimed, on the cover, to be in
pursuit "of Answers to Life's Big Questions "

Inside (page 4), it even told what the mission of this magazine is:

"Cosmic Pursuit is the quarterly journal of The Day Star Network. Its
purpose is to encourage thoughtful discussion of life's ultimate
questions, to inform readers of relevant scientific discoveries, and to
provide a platform for dialog and debate between a variety of

The Day Star Network is a division of the Day Star Productions, a
non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Wheeling, Illinois. Its
mission is to encourage people to seek answers to life's big
questions--and to provide the best information possible to aid in that
quest. The Day Star Network is an informal network of interested
individuals of all beliefs and educational backgrounds, organized by Day
Star Productions."

This sounded great, but as I read the essays, I realized this was not
what it claimed to be!!!! The articles in this magazine were not
scientific at all! This turned out to be a creationist rag dressed up
with slick, shinny pictures and articles on pseudoscience like
"Intelligent Design" and why AI is doomed to fail

On the back of the magazine, it gave a web address

If one explores the site, you find the creationism bias everywhere!

In fact, a different version of the text above appears at


" Day Star Productions is a non-partisan, non-denominational,
not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. Founded in 1978, its mission is
to encourage people to seek a close relationship with the
Creator/Sustainer of the universe. The Day Star Network is an informal
network of interested individuals of all educational backgrounds and
beliefs, organized by Day Star Productions.

Why did they not print this in the magazine? If they were honest about
their bias and intentions, it could not be sold in large bookstores like
Barnes and Noble as if it were an actual scientific journal.

This is also from http://www.daystarcom.org/info/daystar.htm

"The Day Star Network


1.To examine the relevant evidence from modern science and the best
arguments from philosophy and history that bear upon life's big
questions, such as: Does God exist? If so, what kind of a God is he/it?
Is the universe an accident, and are we conscious beings an accident
within a larger accident—or is there some grand purpose behind it all?
Can a non-theist create his own meaning and his own ethical system?

2.To help make the latest discoveries in science understandable and
relevant to the general public.

3.To encourage people caught in a rat-race world to do something
uniquely human: to stop and think about life's big questions, and to
critically examine all viewpoints.

4.To provide a forum for debate between knowledgeable representatives of
opposing viewpoints on these questions.

5.To promote mutual respect and understanding between people with
opposing life-views.

To carry out these objectives, the organization:

Publishes Cosmic Pursuit, a quarterly journal to encourage thoughtful
discussion of life's ultimate questions, to inform readers of relevant
scientific discoveries, and to provide a platform for debate between
opposing viewpoints. Provides people with an opportunity for networking
with others who are interested in examining the latest scientific
evidence and logical arguments that bear on these cosmic questions.
Promotes written works, videos, and other resources that encourage
knowledgeable discussion of life's big questions.

Carries out research projects in order to contribute to the body of
knowledge bearing on these questions.

Organizes seminars, conferences, and debates.
Copyright © 1997 Day Star"

We must not allow such things be passed off on the public as REAL

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