Uploading: Help me get to Palo Alto!

Sarah Marr (skm4@dial.pipex.com)
Thu, 18 Jun 1998 12:46:34 +0100

My employer has a technology research facility in Palo Alto, and I'm trying
to get there. Luckily, I've found a well-connected manager who can assist
me, but since he has to go through the world-wide head of technology for
the company he needs me to produce a short paper showing my abilities.

I intend to write a paper on uploading. The head of technology is an
Extropian-savvy person, to whom uploading will not sound like a 'way-out'

So... can you please suggest some good sources of information for the paper
either on the Net, or in print, or, best of all, in the form of friendly
researchers in this area who could provide nice sound bites. I need to
write a presentation which is very up-to-date and though-provoking. My
writing abilities are up to the job, but I need a little assistance with
the content. Right now, I could put together something informed, coherent
and well-structured: but it need to be a little more than that.

Going to Palo Alto is important to me in both personal and Extropian ways.
Any help would be very, very greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Sarah Marr