Re: SOC:Gender Gap closes in math & science

den Otter (
Wed, 17 Jun 1998 20:22:57 +0200

Sarah Marr wrote:
> At 07:46 17/06/98 -0700, Kathryn Aegis wrote:
> >At least in the United States, some statistical evidence that the
> >renowned gender gap between boys and girls has significantly diminished
> >in math and science scores.
> About time too!

Yes, that's very good news (I think). It's been predicted that soon
there will be more women than men in universities (in the Netherlands,
anyway), and higher positions in general. I wonder when the gender gap
in transhumanism wil close, though. Now *that's* a good indicator of
emancipation. Also, it would/will be interesting to see whether the race
gap will close as easily as the gender gap (apparently, women had it in
them all along, but were just hampered by their generally meeker nature,
weaker physique, kids etc.).