Re: New List Members

J. R. Molloy (
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 22:25:00 -0700

Jeff Fabijanic wrote,
>I'd love to get my homey Hay-zoos's and
m'man Mo's *real* swing on things
>like the role of government in the
lives of individuals, the possibility of
>physical imortality, and the place of
personal spiritual knowledge in a
>world wakened to rationality. If
nothing else, you know these guys must
>have been capable of holding their own
in serious debate - I'm sure they
>saw a lot of it, especially early in
their careers. Imagine someone like
>them getting turned onto the ideas
expressed on this list - Zowie!

Yes, indeed, and Buddha, Lao Tzu,
Krishna, and Moses might weigh in with a
few words of wisdom. It rather puts one
in mind of Van Loon's _Lives_, except
that, according to Van Loon, Buddha
regretfully declined his invitation.

How can we expect to create a super
intelligence if we can't even match the
sentient virtuosity of ancient
enlightened masters?

Also, you might like to look into the
dangerous views of a postmodern
enlightened man at: