Re: More Exercise Better

Borys Wrobel (
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 12:24:55 -0600

the health of just one system is not indicative of the health of the whole
organism. if you make an autopsy of a long-time alcoholic, the
cardiovascular system usually looks great, but the liver and the brain is
heavily affected.

and the second blurb, the placebo is one of the most effective drugs, it
seems. it would be great if doctors prescribed more sugar pills intead of
antibiotics in some instances for example :-), not to mention other disease
with a strong psychosomatic component.


> In the book Life Extension by Durk Person and
> Sandy Shaw they argue that less exercise is
> better, but this blurb in the John Hopkins
> Medical Letter indicates the opposite:
>"While some exercise is better than none, more appears
>to be best, according to a study of runners. The runners'
>risk of coronary heart disease dropped in proportion to
>the amount of exercise they did above and beyond the
>recommended 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day.
>Heart disease risk decreased significantly with
>each 10-mile weekly increment in distance."