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Jeff Fabijanic (
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 10:37:54 -0400

John K Clark wrote:

>"J. R. Molloy" <> On Sun, 7 Jun 1998 Wrote:
> >Do you think that Imhotep, Ben Franklin, Leonardo da Vinci, and
> >Archimedes would subscribe to this list?
>I don't know, I like to think so.
> >So what about Buddha, Lao Tzu, Krishna, Kabir, and Socrates?
>If Jesus or Mohammed subscribed I'd
>put them in my kill file along with the $$ MAKE BIG MONEY NOW $$ people.

How disturbingly knee-jerk of you. Do you think that after almost 2000
years, we can make any judgements about what these guys were *really* like?
If so, it would seem that you concur with the fundamentalists wrt the
inviolability of [manually written and transmitted] scripture, something to
which anyone with a reasonable background in modern information theory
would give the big hairy eyeball.

I'd love to get my homey Hay-zoos's and m'man Mo's *real* swing on things
like the role of government in the lives of individuals, the possibility of
physical imortality, and the place of personal spiritual knowledge in a
world wakened to rationality. If nothing else, you know these guys must
have been capable of holding their own in serious debate - I'm sure they
saw a lot of it, especially early in their careers. Imagine someone like
them getting turned onto the ideas expressed on this list - Zowie!

And man, that Jesus could throw some *serious* parties - wine flowing from
the taps, spreads of food that keep getting bigger as the night goes on,
and everyone washing each others feet. Sounds like a time and a half ;^P

- Jeff

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