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> c) keep in mind that the Bible as we know it is only a small part of all of
> the
> biographical texts, and that the two gospels which were actually written by
> actual disciples of Jesus were left out of the Bible because they weren't
> conducive to a stern autocratic Church.

I was raised a "strict" protestent. When I was a child I looked with envy at
the Southern Baptists because or their relative freedom...they could have

So I can relate to what you just said here. It always seemed a little screwy
to me. Many things were internally inconsistent. Even though there were
looooooong and boring sunday morning sermons devoted to pushing the party

I'd be (very...very mildly ) curious as to some readings on the "forbidden"
texts you allude to. An overview perhaps? I'm not into relegion
anymore...except as it relates to meme infection and how to avoid it.