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At 12:24am -0400 6/13/98, John K Clark wrote:
>Christ was a nut, nutty as a fruit cake, or to put it in more politically
>correct language, he had a mental illness that produced delusions of granger.
>I don't think it was an act, I think he really thought he was God.
>Christ was a martinet. His words "You serpents, you generation of vipers, how
>can you escape the damnation of hell" sounds more like a typical flame you
>can find anywhere on the net then it does the wisdom of a great sage.
>Christ was a creep. He believed in hell, he talked with glee about "wailing
>and gnashing of teeth" and "these shall go away into everlasting fire".
>He thought that torturing somebody, not for a billion years, but for an
>INFINITE number of years would be an amusing thing to do to somebody he
>didn't like. I think cruelty on this monstrous scale proves that Christ of
>the bible is morally indistinguishable from Satin of the bible.

I am not one for defending Christianity, but my reading of the New
Testament seems to indicate that Jesus kept denying his divinity and kept
telling his followers to stop treating him any differently than any other
human. I believe that his followers are the ones who diefied him, as with
many great men. The legend took on a life of its own, and has little
relation to the actual history.

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