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Fri, 12 Jun 1998 19:09:15 -0500

At 09:14 AM 6/12/98 -0700, Hal Finney <>
>I agree that John Cramer's articles are interesting and worth reading.
>I'm pretty skeptical about this particular antigravity model though.
>Anything which violates conservation of momentum is highly suspicious
>in my book. It seems that the claim is that it doesn't "really" violate
>momentum conservation because (apparently) instantaneous nonlocal
>(i.e. faster than light?) changes occur elsewhere to bring about balance.
>Handwaving about quantum nonlocality is a long way from justifying this
>As for the measurements, it is notoriously difficult to get good
>measurements on these kinds of devices. The article refers to the
>misleading results from the Dean drive. There was a recent Wired article
>about someone (not Podkletnov) using rotating superconducting disks, and
>the reporter pointed out problems with air currents caused by bubbling
>liquid nitrogen.
>In the experiment Cramer describes, running heavy oscillating currents
>into a capacitor can cause all kinds of EM interference. Plus, the
>capacitor itself will be subject to mechanical vibrations as its internal
>electrodes alternately attract and repel each other. It all adds up to
>a messy system that is going to be very hard to get clean measurements on.

My business partner and I attempted the superconducting disk experiment in
his lab. The results were negative, but there were many opportunities for
experimental mistakes that could have given a false positive reading.
Bubbling LN2 was the least of the problems - at one point the cryostat
erupted with a geyser of LN2 and broken superconductor...

Our disk was not rotating, but was inside a fairly powerful 60 Hz magnetic
field at the time. I believe inrush currents caused the damage. The basis
for our experiment was gleaned from an alternate energy website, and
admittedly was of poor quality for a true scientific inquiry, but as the
materials were dirt cheap, we could not resist trying it..

Chuck Kuecker

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