Re: Light Speed Instantaneous ?

Ian Goddard (
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 17:03:47 -0400

At 02:53 PM 6/12/98 -0400, Roderick A. Carder-Russell wrote:

> Diagram 1
>> A & B under universal time
>> A B
>> --- ---
>> 0* 0
>> 1 * 1
>> 2 * 2
>> 3 *3
> Diagram 2
>> A B
>> --- ---
>> 0* -3
>> 1 * -2
>> 2 * -1
>> 3 *0
>>So the SOL is both A and -A.
> I'm not a physics expert, but it seems to me that the entire basis
>of your argument can be eliminated by a purely philosophical
>consideration. In diagram one, you are viewing the photon from an outside
>position, an objective position (we won't discuss the relativity of the
>situation, just accept that it is *more objective* than viewing from the
>inside). From such a position, the photon does exist and travel in
>space-time, along a clear path, relative to everything else in the
>universe, utilizing a discreet amount of time. In diagram two, you are
>clearly viewing the photon from a subjective position, and at a speed that
>highly exceeds everything else in the universe. The path between point A
>and B is indeed instantaneous, *from the photons perspective*, but not
>from anyone elses.

IAN: From our perspective the photon is still at 0 time
because time passes exactly as fast as the photon passes,
and so the photon is always at rest with respect to time.

While the photon is at zero time, the things we measure
it relative to are not, and 0 is non-0 relative to non-0
numbers, such that 0 is +1 relative to -1. Let's say that
"1" represents 186,000 mps:

Time: -1 0 1
Space: -1 0 1

You are -1 on the top row and the photon is 0 next
to you (that you are -1 means your slower than the
SOL). The second row has 0 below you, for you are
at rest with respect to yourself, but the 0 on the
top row is over 1, and so the 0 is "faster" in space
than you by 1, and so you say that relative to you,
0 is 1. The photon is at 0 time, you are at 0 space.

>Thus, it is clear that saying that it is both A and ~A
>is a mistake. It is A or ~A, depending upon were you are viewing the
>situation from.

IAN: Is one point of view out of many more true
than all others? No. Is the fact that a photon
is at 0 time false when you assign it a speed? No.