Our Lives are Saved!

Paul Wakfer (wakfer@gte.net)
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 15:28:43 -0700

Please excuse the subject line exaggeration :-), because I have great

The Cryopreservation of Hippocampal Slices project, to be jointly
conducted by the Institute for Neural Cryobiology (INC), was today
approved in all aspects by the host university medical research
institute. This means that lab space, animal care facilities, etc. at
that institution and their half of the approximately $150K budget which
will pay for salaries and supplies, have been made available to the
project which now has the official sponsorship and "sanction" of the
research institute. Please note, however, that this does still not mean
that we can publicly use their name even as related to INC. Among the
few minor changes that they made to the joint agreement was a more all
encompassing statement that their name could not be used at all without
their written permission in each case.

As I have stated before, the success of this project may produce a
combination of cryoprotectants and a method of introducing them which
when applied to whole brains enables their functionally reversible
cryopreservation. With hard work, and perhaps a bit of luck, my subject
line may turn out to be little exaggeration after all.

This final approval of the project is what I have been waiting for
before asking for any more contributions in order that INC can fulfill
its obligations under the joint agreement to purchase and provide the
bulk of the advanced equipment (and get to retain ownership and future
use of that equipment, of course). At this time, we need about $45,000
in additional contributions to finance those purchases.

Though many people have done so already (see list below), now is the
time for all those people who supported the my efforts to jump-start
reverisble cryopreservation research by making pledges, to extend that
support as contributors to this enormously important, first real
project to arise from those efforts. I know that many of you had hoped
to be able to invest in the research work which would be done and I am
truly displeased that this has not so far been able to be accomplished
in a manner acceptable to most of you. However, I feel certain that
any money which you can contribute to this project will be repaid to
you manyfold as value of one kind or another. If we can make this
initial project into a major success, there may still be a chance for
significant portions of the original project ideas to be actualized.

Please send all contributions to:

The Institute for Neural Cryobiology
8439 White Oak Ave., Suite 110
Rancho Cucamonga, 91730-3860

I remind you again that all contributors will receive an official
donation receipt from INC which may be used to reduce their US federal
and California state taxable income on their next return.

I look forward to hearing from you and receiving your contributions.

-- Paul --

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List of INC Contributors as of June 9, 1998

Allen Lopp 100
Arthur Naiman 1,000
Ben Best 1,000
Billy Seidel 600
Robert W Krueger 4,000
Bruce Waugh 1,000
Edgar Swank 8,000
James Halperin 2,000
Joe Hovey 1,000
John Bull 1,000
John K Clark 500
John Pietrzak 1,000
Keith Lynch 1,000
Ken Stone 1,000
Ken Wolfe 1,000
Kevin Q Brown 500
Larry Lee 1,000
Leonard Zubkoff 500
Marce Johnson 1,000
Mark Mugler 2,000
Mark Connaughton 2,500
Mike Perry 1,000
Peter Gouras 200
Robin Helweg-Larson 1,000
Robert Poole, Jr 1,000
Roy Yowell 6,500
Thomas Donaldson 1,050
Tim Freeman 1,000