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Brian D Williams (
Tue, 9 Jun 1998 13:30:31 -0700 (PDT)

From: John K Clark <>

>A bit of an exaggeration, Betamax gave a better picture but the
>difference was subtle, so subtle you couldn't even tell the
>difference unless you had a very good and expensive TV, and there
>are more important technical considerations. When VHS first cane
>out it could record 2 hours on one cassette, Betamax could only
>handle one, by the time Betamax cane out with 2 hours VHS was up
>to 4 and very soon after that 6 hour. Remember this was a time
>when blank cassettes or either type were very expensive, about $20
>each, and that was in 1980 dollars.

If I've told myself once, I've told myself a million times, don't
exaggerate! ;)

You may have me here on total history, My Betamax was/is (still
going) a Sony SuperBeta Theatre. It runs Beta I,II,III, and I
always ran it on Beta III, (3 hours recording) and always
demonstrated it side by side with a VHS that way. (dual trinitron
monitors) Under such conditions the difference was very striking,
not until Super-VHS was it even close.

So I guess I concede that Beta I and VHS were close.... :)

Point John.....

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