Re: Thoughts on NodeNet

Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin (
Mon, 8 Jun 1998 21:50:03 -0700

From: Sarah Marr <>

> At 21:55 05/06/98 -0600, Michael Nielsen wrote:
> >How will this system differ from Usenet?
> >
> >Consider especially that there already exist structures for moderation, a
> > world-wide system for distribution, a large user-base, and tested
> >protocols. Propogation is reasonably fast and reliable.
> I think you answered this in your mail. One other answer is, 'marketing'
> (cf. Betamax vs. VHS).

When people cite that example, I often wonder what their intent is. When I
inquire, I usually find they are citing it as an example of the technically superior
system falling to an inferior system with better marketing.

But on closer examination I find that Beta's technical superiority over VHS has
no significance in context; while VHS early on developed a critical technical
superiority over Beta, that was not matched until it was too late to help.

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