Re: Cryonics

Spike Jones (
Sun, 07 Jun 1998 12:54:16 -0700

>Alex Future Bokov wrote:

> >Once launch costs go down, we can store the frozen in orbit.
> >Cheaper to keep them cold, no natural disasters, and not in anyone's way.
> not necessarily, on all three points, especially the first. you still have
> solar heating, assuming you meant earth orbit. natural disasters? a solar
> flare would irradiate tissues that could be damaged even though they are
> solidly frozen. not in anyone's way? well, possibly, if you lift it high
> enough. the low earth environment is already getting crowded.

> perhaps we could orbit a shuttle external tank, remove the forward access
> cover of the hydrogen tank on orbit, fill the tank with ln2, spin the
> entire assembly end over end to keep the ln2 at the bottom of the tank,
> then drop in the corpsicles from the open access cover. liquid nitrogen
> vented directly to space (a few millitorr pressure) might eventually freeze
> solid. i need to do the calculations on this. i suspect we would be
> better off keeping our frozen remains down here on the deck... {8^D