Transvision '98; Proceedings so far...

Arjen Kamphuis (
Sun, 07 Jun 1998 08:55:49 +0100

Dear fellow Transhumans,

Below some short impressions from various participants of the first
European Transhumanist Gathering, more later. Information about Transvision
'98 can be found on the Transcedo website

Arjen Kamphuis

Waldemar Ingdahl, Aleph Sweden:
Incredible, there are quite a few transhumanists in Europe, and now that we
have met we can start to plan about some serious stuff. Let us organize a
European Meeting in 1999 too.

Ake Brannstrom, Aleph, Sweden:
It's fun, and I think that Amsterdam is an excellent city to host
TransVision. I hope to see you there next year!

Gernot Faulseit, Germany:
Pretty interesting, nice city, nice people - just a perfect atmosphere to
discuss Transhuman goals. To the rest of the German Transhumanists: We need
our own association!!

Anders Sandberg, Aleph, Sweden:
This is the start of something great.

Felix Ungman, Aleph, ExI, World
TransVisionaries of the world are uniting.

Erik Moeller, Germany:
Sweet location. It is certainly interesting to meet the people you have
only talked to via email before. Anyone who did not come missed something,
although it is hard to describe what.

Remi Sussan, France:
Really great event!

Klaus Mathwig, Germany:
Great event, we should start a german transhumanist organization.

Sven Visser, Transcedo, ExI, the Netherlands:
Having a great time whitnessing the beginning of great things to come.

Holger Wagner:
It's nice to see some of the bodies, mimics and gestures that belong to the
ASCII-communication on the mailing-lists. We should do this somewhat more
often until we have life-like Avatars ;-)

Henrik Alpsten:
Killroy wasn't here. But all the other nice guys in european Transhumansm
are. Nice seeing the faces, some realtime presentations and having fun at
the same time.

Henri Kluytmans:
I think part of the future of transhumanism is being shaped here. I'm
thrilled to be here.
I hope this is only the first of a yearly event.

Berrie Staring:
I really hope we can have even more people on TransVision '99. If we keep
this "meme" going,
I think we can atract a lot more "new" Transhumanists. At least all the
organisation we have
now are very much willing to cooperate and build a solid Transhuman-network.

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let's go dragon hunting.

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