Re: Satanism (was NodeNet: how not to scare away experts)

Thom Quinn (
Sat, 06 Jun 1998 20:19:56 -0500

IT depends what kind. The official church of satan in California (has
non-profit, tax-exempt status is different from the black magick kind.

Thom Quinn

Alex Future Bokov wrote:
> On Sat, 6 Jun 1998, Thom Quinn wrote:
> > Many people will find transhumanism just distasteful. Why? The Christian
> > philosophy is based on the supernatural and death. "Jesus died for our
> > sins." "When you die, you go to Heaven." "Satan is in hell, the after
> > world of those who choose to not be with God."
> >
> > Transhumanism is just not compatible with the Christian viewpoint. Many
> > Christians I have talk too feel that transhumanist memes are the closest
> > thing they have ever heard to "satanism" they heard. Living forever is
> > considered to be a great evil to most Christians.
> You know, I bet a lot of people would be quite surprised to find out what
> Satanism really is about, rather than what the press says it's about.
> --Sincerely, Alex F. Bokov
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