Re: NodeNet: how not to scare away experts

Thom Quinn (
Sat, 06 Jun 1998 09:03:15 -0500

Many people will find transhumanism just distasteful. Why? The Christian
philosophy is based on the supernatural and death. "Jesus died for our
sins." "When you die, you go to Heaven." "Satan is in hell, the after
world of those who choose to not be with God."

Transhumanism is just not compatible with the Christian viewpoint. Many
Christians I have talk too feel that transhumanist memes are the closest
thing they have ever heard to "satanism" they heard. Living forever is
considered to be a great evil to most Christians.

If you go to your local bookstore, I dare you to find more than 10 books
on HUMANISM. Then look for how many books were on religion (way over
100) and probably just as many on the "new age" movement. Few books on
reason, science, humanism, or transhumanism, when looking at the grand
total of the books there. Why? Bookstores sell what people buy.

ChuckKuecker wrote:
> At 08:54 AM 6/5/98 -0400, Harvey Newstrom wrote:
> >>
> >> Many experts in the areas that interest us have not yet heard of
> >> transhumanism or Extropianism. They might be wary of associating with
> >> anything they consider to be on the fringe. Some of them will disagree on
> >> core issues with us.
> >
> >I'm afraid most people immediately assume that transhuman equates to
> >anti-human. They seem to use the word "transcending" to mean escaping or
> >recovering from a bad situation. I'm tempted to try to promote the word
> >"prohuman" to mean advancing and improving the human condition. Maybe
> >"humanist" means the same thing?
> And just as many equate 'humanist' with 'satanist' unfortunately.
> Chuck Kuecker