Boston Globe/editorial policies
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 14:36:48 EDT

Due to a brief stint in the world of journalism/media I can off the following

e-mails to the author : nice for exchange of opinion. If you're expecting a
retraction... forget it. Most of the offensive material was Tongue-in-cheek.
It wasn't written as a news story but more of a humorous article. On the
other hand, the author might decide to write an even more humorous follow-up
story incorporating some of the letters we send ! ! ! Watch it !

mass e-mail compaign : forget it, papers get that everyday.

snail mail to the editorial department (anybody have the address ? ? ?) :
might get published. Letters from high ups at ALCOR or CI stating the facts
and hinting at libel on the cover letter might be considered.

snail mail to the editor : fair coverage is ethical. a retraction of
blatant misinformation that refers to person's or to people or orgs by name or
company would probably be a matter of ethics. Debate facts would probably

Go get 'em nerds !

- - Ed