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"The primary objective of this trip is to understand the Chinese
government's policy and role in education relative to academic standards,
funding, and teacher development. ... Site visits and meetings with our
professional counterparts will be invaluable in understanding the Chinese
culture and educational values."
Read the communique below my remarks, and note the utter smugness and pride
in the writer's tone. These taxpayer supported reds do believe their long
aspired to dream is finally here. And, unless some parents become mighty
enraged, they will have succeeded in ruining millions of children for all
time. Lenin and Stalin did it. The result is a Soviet territory, never
mind independent nations, completely unable to lift themselves out of the
horror of the serf mentality.
See America 2000/Goals 2000, edited by James R. Patrick, from Citizens from
Academic Excellence, P.O. Box 11164 Moline Illinois, 61265. The huge
volume did cost $20.00 when released in 1994. The agreement to make
possible teacher training was between the US and the USSR, to facilitate
the general state of relations between their nations. It was signed in
Moscow in 1972--so much for the "cold war." No, doubt, the same provisions
are being used concerning China. In the agreement it is stated that the
receiving countries will pay for visiting teachers and/or students.
Patrick details the "new educational programs that would provide for these
sort of teacher exchange programs, at taxpayers expense, no matter how
these participating so-called teachers, more appropriately, now, "world
indoctrinators," would express it. This is all about the harmonization of
all education worldwide, to ready citizens of nations for global
citizenship. Mind washing for the global citizen. AC
The following article is transcribed from a fax sent to me on official
Massachusetts stationary. AC
>From RUSCH, Cape Cod 508-240-0479 -- May 29 1998 5:20 PM

Education, Arts and Humanities (Chairman)

Natural Resources
(Vice Chairman)
Judiciary (Vice Chairman)
Criminal Justice
Ways and means

State House, Boston 02 133-1053
Senator Robert A. Antonioni
Worcester and Middlesex District
Room 109E
Tel: 617-722-1230
Fax: 617-722-1131
District Office
(508) not clear
or 537-1912
May 20, 1998
A delegation of Massachusetts Education, Arts and Humanities leaders has
been invited to participate in a special People to People study mission to
the Peoples Republic of China in November. The primary objective of this
trip is to understand the Chinese government's policy and role in education
relative to academic standards, funding, and teacher development. Senator
Marian Walsh and 1 member and Senate chair of the Joint Legislative
Committee on Education, Arts and Humanities respectively, will be serving
as co-leaders for this delegation. We are pleased to extend a personal
invitation for you to join us in this exclusive People to People endeavor.
Your particular expertise would contribute to the success of our visit.
Travelling with this People to People delegation will provide a remarkable
opportunity to increase our understanding of the Chinese culture, attitudes
and educational system, especially in light of educational reform efforts
in Massachusetts. The insight to be gained will enrich our pending
discussion unaccountability, affordability, and accessibility at all levels
of our educational system. Site visits and meetings with our professional
counterparts will be invaluable in understanding the Chinese culture and
educational values. Relevant topics suggested for discussion and study
* The Chinese government's role in education for children in the early
years -- birth through age 6
* The Chinese government's role in education for children in the middle
years --ages 6 through 18
* The Chinese government's role in education for children in the college
years -- ages 18 through 22
* Academic standards for student achievement
* Teacher development requirements and support
* Teaching the arts; funding education
As indicated in the enclosed itinerary, we will depart Los Angeles November
7, and return November 21, 1998. In addition to our professional
exchanges, we will also take part in cultural and sightseeing programs.
Spouses, guests and colleagues are also invited and encouraged to
participate in our visit to Beijing, Xi'an, Gullin, Canton, and Hong Kong.
Expenses associated with this project may qualify for a deduction as a
business or educational expense to maintain or improve professional skills.

Participants should consult with their tax advisor to determine whether
deductibility is applicable. Please contact Ms. Kristi Wheeldon, the
program coordinator at American People Ambassador Programs, if you have any
interest or questions regarding this mission. You may contact her at
800-669-7882 (ext. 422) in the Pacific time zone, or email: . I encourage you to respond at you earliest
The vastness of China is impressive; participating in this mission will
give us the opportunity to observe many aspects of its cultural and
geographical diversity. I hope that you will give serious consideration to
joining the delegation. The personal and professional benefits will be
very rewarding.
Very truly yours,
Signed Robert A. Antonioni
State Senator
Not Printed or Mailed at State Expense
And who is paying for the livelihood of this Senator and his "public
servant" cohorts in criminal and traitorous subversion?
Does anyone really believe this red dribble is not printed at state
expense, or that any of these incredibly subversive visiting US
officials/teachers/exchange students/teachers training programs, are not at
the expense of the US taxpayer and at the expense of all things civil,
decent, and of liberty itself? And with the full intent of, and at the
complete expense of, rendering US students into moronic lumps of obedient
reds-cum-obedient serf drones? Notice the arrogant and patronizing way
this nitwit red calls adults between the ages of 18-22 children.
If nationwide the parents are so dumb and continuously refuse to know what
is occurring in the class room, then these human spirit breaking programs
and their evil change agent promoters, will proliferate and succeed, as
they are now.


The whole world is filled with degenerate idiots like this.
The question I would pose is "So what?"
Look at it this way. These cretins are creating a world in which
there will not be enough of a surplus sufficient enough to provide
them with the style they have grown accustomed to -- or in fact with
any survival at all.
What happens to parasites when the whole world is largely parasitic
and the few hosts left have developed an immunity to those parasites?
For example take all these school shootings. The student body is
now either a bunch of little criminals intent on killing each other or
a bunch of sheep unable to defend themselves.
Frankly, I sort of like seeing the logical progression from post
office to publik skrule. Massive state bureaucracies where the vicious
regime criminals engendered sometimes forget who the victims are,
ending up occassionally turning on each other. No big deal. Nothing
much to be concerned about just as long as you and yours are well out
of the free-fire zones. Nothing much you can do about it in any case.
We are not the first civilization which has faltered under the weight
of its degenerate elements foolishly allowed to live and breed
profusely. Look at the lemming cycle. The mass of lemmings in the
4th year just before the march to the sea are not the same as the
surviving lemmings who survive to begin the cycle anew.
Nope. I wouldn't concern myself overmuch about the mass of
trivialities leading to deserved disaster. I would advise people who
don't live in states with easy home-schooling rules to instead teach
their little nipper to draw pictures of assault rifles and mutter how
they "want to shoot teacher." Around here the eddication bureaucrats
are so terrified (and glad that the hunting season is closed for the
summer) that you could get your nippers expelled for an entire skule
year, thus not having to worry about the truant officer.
I owe you a favor or two. Want me to post these comments far and
--Martin Lindstedt

Dear Martin,
Thank you for your most logical, commonsensical and truly welcome
I was so angry with this filth. But, you are quite right. Why
worry about the natural consequences of a bastardized citizenry.
Thank you, for jolting me back to a more balanced perception. Please
do distribute the post. AC
If you're an American (like me) are you still proud to American??


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