Berrie Staring (staring@worldonline.nl)
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 20:55:15 +0200

(as posted, yesterday on the exi-euro)

Dear All,

Transcedo is very proud to inform you that
we have a new web-adress:


In less then 24 hours....TransVision '98
will start in Weesp the Netherlands.

More then 23 European Transhumanists
will join in a gathering to discuss the future
of >H in general, think about a cryonics network,
eat, drink, laugh and probably get stoned too :-)
(since it's only a few minutes from Amsterdam)

We will of course post pics and stories, on our website
ASAP...and let you know........


Henry, Arjen, Menno, Sven, Antoine, Giorgio, Dalibor, Berrie