Re: NodeNet forums: Roster of possible forums

Max More (
Thu, 04 Jun 1998 10:31:29 -0700

At 09:33 AM 6/4/98 -0400, Harvey Newstrom wrote:
>Max More wrote:
>> Here is the current list of suggested forums for NodeNet. Suggestions for
>> others are welcome, as well as inquiries about NodeMastering any of these.
>Let me add to my list of suggestions:
>- Investing and Money Management

I thought this was already on the list, but I see it isn't. I'll definitely
add it.

>- Action Requests (pointers to online surveys, e-mail campaigns,
>letterwriting campaigns, etc.)

Probably a good idea, if the NodeNet is to include more than academic

>- Basics (a place to discuss basic beliefs so they can be excluded from
>other nodes!)

The "basics" can be discussed on this list (which will become
Extropians-Open). I don't think a special list for it would be useful,
since most people needed to ask about the basics will not be in the NodeNet
forums, but will most likely be on the Extropians-Open list.

>- Polling Forum (for surveying Extropians' on questions, although a
>survey webpage might be better)

I don't expect us to do a lot of polling. If we need to do ExI-related
polling, we can do that on the Extropians-Select list.

>- ExI Announcements (for official ExI information)

That's a good idea. Some members may not want to subscribe even to
Extropians-Select if they are restricting their volume of mail. A very-low
traffic Announcement list would let them get quick updates.

>- ExI Member Announcements (for members to their promote web pages,
>books, businesses, requests for jobs, public appearances, galleries,
>projects, etc.)

We were considering a web page for this, but an announcement list would be
much easier to maintain. However, I'm not sure whether a separate list is
needed, or whether this can be part of the function of the
Extropians-Select list. What do others think?

Thanks for your suggestions.


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