COMP: Research Attests Practical Quantum Computing in Ten Years

Doug Bailey (
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 12:08:10 -0400

This may not be new "news" but I thought it was interesting nonetheless. It was in the May 28, 1998 edition of Computergram International.

TITLE: Australia Comes Out of the Nano-Lab

BODY: An Australian professor believes he could have a minute quantum computer out of the laboratories and into the real world within ten years. Nanotechnology, that rarified field of technological discovery most commonly associated with miniaturization, has thr own up the possibility of computers tiny enough to fit on the tip of a strand of human hair. Bruce Kane, research associate at the University of New South Wales' School of Physics, has recently published a plan for the creation of a quantum computer built from atom-sized silicon devices in the UK's Nature science journal. He believes the microscopic computers could be out of the laboratory and into the real world within ten years. One of the key applications foreseen for the devices is codebreaking. The publication of Kane's paper is a coup for the University's fledgling Nanofabrication facility, which is working with other Australian universities and the University of California on the development of the nano-device.

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