Re: New lists: NodeNet [Was: Re: Polymath List]

Harvey Newstrom (
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 11:16:42 -0400

Max More wrote:
> Yes. We've been discussing such a way for some time, but nothing much has come
> of it due to a lack of volunteer help. The idea is NodeNet--a group of special
> purpose email lists run by Extropy Institute.
> Some possible NodeNet lists:

Might I suggest some more NodeNet list possibilities?:

Data Security
Physical/Self Security
Privacy Issues
PR (Applied Memetics forwarding extropian ideas)

> If you are interested in acting as NodeMaster for one of these lists (or any
> other topic area), please let me know. We're looking for potential NodeMasters
> with strong expertise in the area. What counts as "strong expertise" will vary
> depending on the topic, as will what qualifies subscribers for each list.

If you don't have any NodeMasters already, I would like to volunteer for
the following areas,
or whereever a volunteer is needed. I would even be willing to
volunteer in nonspecialty areas until you can find a proper NodeMaster,
if it would help.

> Advanced Computation (quantum computing, nanocomputers)
> Approaches to Artificial Intelligence
> Entrepreneurs Forum
> Life Extension-Practical
> Life Extension-Consequences
> Neural-Computer Interfaces

I'm not sure what qualifications you deem necessary. I have a computer
degree and a business degree. I have minors in mathematics, biology,
psychology and education. I have my own network and network security
consulting business. I am the author of the _Nutrients_Catalog_, which
American Libraries magazine calls the "ultimate nutrition reference."
(See <> for reviews and
recommendations, including the FAQ.) I have been
taking life-extending suppliments since the early '80s.

Harvey Newstrom  <>  <> of the "ultimate nutrient reference book" --American Libraries