Re: Ambiguous or just uncertain?

Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin (
Tue, 2 Jun 1998 20:38:26 -0700

From: John K Clark <>

> I'm certain that some things can be 100% true and others 100 % false, and my
> opinion may even be correct, but even if so it doesn't follow that all things
> have this all or nothing property. Which slot did that particle go through?
> If you insist that my answer be non fuzzy then there are only 4 possible
> answers I can give you, right, left, both, and neither. Unfortunately each of
> these 4 answers is equally unsatisfactory.

More to the point, if asked the question "which slot WILL the particle go
through", there are also four possible answers. And no matter which answer
you give, it is very easy to devise two experiments - one guaranteed to prove
you predicted correctly, and the other guaranteed to prove you predicted
incorrectly, provided only that ONLY ONE of these two experiments is carried

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