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Max More (
Tue, 02 Jun 1998 12:19:27 -0700

At 11:12 PM 6/1/98 -0700, Paul Hughes wrote:
>However with a big "Sigh", I have yet to determine a more sustainable way to
>a high S/N other than the way Damien has approached it.  Anybody know of

Yes. We've been discussing such a way for some time, but nothing much has come
of it due to a lack of volunteer help. The idea is NodeNet--a group of special
purpose email lists run by Extropy Institute.

The idea is to supplement the Extropians-Open and Extropians-Select lists with
a number of lists devoted to focused discussion of one area of interest. The
NodeMaster of each node or list would choose who may post to the list. The
lists would not be moderated in the usual sense (so the NodeMaster's workload
is small), but only persons considered qualified by the NodeMaster would be
able to post. Anyone else would be able to read but not post. However, those
not able to post could send a message to either the NodeMaster or anyone able
to post, and it would be up to the latter to decide whether to forward it to
the list.

The advantages of this system are:
--Focused discussion of particular topic areas
--Postings only by qualified persons
--Minimum administration
--Complements the more general lists, Extropians-Open and Extropians-Select

Some possible NodeNet lists:

Advanced Computation (quantum computing, nanocomputers)
Applied Ethics (esp. bioethics)
Approaches to Artificial Intelligence
Economic Effects of Technology
Entrepreneurs Forum
Extropic Art
Future Forecasting
Information Management
Intelligence Augmentation
Life Extension-Practical
Life Extension-Consequences
Neural-Computer Interfaces
Physics Frontiers
Space Systems
Truth Machines

If you are interested in acting as NodeMaster for one of these lists (or any
other topic area), please let me know. We're looking for potential NodeMasters
with strong expertise in the area. What counts as "strong expertise" will vary
depending on the topic, as will what qualifies subscribers for each list.



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