Re: ECON: Intellectual Property Again

Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin (
Tue, 2 Jun 1998 01:32:31 -0700

From: ChuckKuecker <>

> In IBM PC clones (DOS), the boot sector is only read during boot up. No
> files are read when the disk is inserted unless you execute one from the
> disk. Win 95, etc., I can't speak for.

The above is partially incorrect as applied to magnetic disks (I am not certain
about CDROM formats).

The boot sector actually contains a variety of information, ONE PART of which
is executable code. The other parts include necessary information about the
layout of the disk.

On any attempt to open a file or directory on a disk (or upon detection of a
removable-media change in OSes equipped to recognise this event), the boot
sector is read -- so that the layout information is available to the system.

However, the executable code is *not* executed, except from the boot device at
system boot.

A virus is, of course, executable code. Thus, its presence in a boot sector is
not important unless that boot sector's executable code is in fact executed.
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