Re: META: Extropians list to become two lists

den Otter (
Tue, 2 Jun 1998 00:11:50 +0200

> From: Bryan Moss <>

> Let's say an imaginary "Mr. X" wanted to post a
> "uncensored" message to the list, what - in the
> purely hypothetical sense - might that message
> consist of?

Can't tell you that on this public list ;-)

Just think of the biggest taboos today's society has, taboos
so bad that you need a private, incripted list to discuss them.
Actually, people (listmembers) have complained about the
bad PR of topics like grey goo, superminds stepping on humans
as if they were ants, the stupidity of most people, saying
transhumanism is superior to other philosophies etc, etc.

The logical consequence is of course to have these discussions
on a separate list, so that people can speak freely for once,
without having the weight of being co-responsible for the PR of the
whole movement on their shoulders, or having to worry about
being harassed or even prosecuted because of what they

Is this such a stupid idea? We all want good PR and protection
of our privacy, right? Yet we also want to be able to speak freely,
and to say very controversial things if necessary (and if you've
nothing "socially unacceptable" to say, then you're simply not
thinking hard enough). This is the way to do it.