Re: Truth Machine Mailing List

Max More (
Mon, 01 Jun 1998 10:42:10 -0700

At 10:33 PM 5/31/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I asked Jim Halperin if there was a mailing list on the topic of
>Truth Machines. He said there was not any to his knowledge. I
>personally do not have the resources to support a mailing list,
>and wonder if any of you can host a majordomo mailing list on
>this topic. If you can, let me know by private email.
>The focus of this list is what is needed to build a Truth Machine.
>The other consequences of a TM can be discussed on other lists.

We've been wanting to set up special purpose lists to build the "NodeNet".
This issue would be a good list as part of that project. The NodeNet
structure does require one person to decide who is allowed to post to the
list (anyone can read). Jim -- would be you be willing to suggest
subscribers and to approve applicants? If so, I can send you the info
(written by Greg Burch) on how the NodeNet lists work.


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