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Ralph Lewis (
Sun, 31 May 1998 12:06:52 -0700

Most likely. However, I have many student with English as a second language
and they do quite well. On a non verbal IQ test many of my students do not
score very well and the results are comparable. English proficiency may be a
in one case. To give you an idea of the situation a undergrad college
population has an average IQ of 103-104. My junior class scores 101 to 102
on both verbal and nonverbal items. 103-104 is the population norm now!

Best Ralph

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><< On the other hand, here is part of an e-mail message I just received from a
> student:
> _________
> Dear Dr Lewis,
> I was missing 2 more points to get a B grade. There is anyway that
> you would give me up a B, please. Because, I am getting scholoship next
> semester. So would you very please. Thank you very much Dr. Lewis, U
> really appreciate.
> _______________
> I assume this is a student trying to make a good impression! >>
>any chance English is not this students first language? has
>characteristics that make me suspect this might be the case. if so, it isn't a
>reliable indication of his/her abilities, except as regards mastery of
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