Re: META: Extropians list to become two lists

Grant Sparks (
Sun, 31 May 1998 20:03:33 +1000

One thing I'd like to see is the ability to join the Extropy Institue
Lots of people here are thinking for the long term.... Paid up membership
lists have been the downfall of many bright young minds even in your land of
the free.

This might be some way off, especially because it would require complete
online delivery of magazines etc. Also need some fancy crypto-tech at your
end. Please keep this in mind though.

Grant Sparks

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From: Max More <>
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Date: Saturday, 30 May 1998 14:32
Subject: META: Extropians list to become two lists

>Within a few days we will be making some changes.
>The Extropians list will become two lists:
>Extropians-Open -- this will be the direct descendent of the current
>Extropians list. Its nickname will be "Extropians" and posting to that same
>address will continue to work. This list will be open to everyone, member
>and non-member, Extropian, non-Extropian, and anti-Extropian alike. All
>topics are open to discussion, including "the basics".
>Extropians-Select -- this will be for Extropy Institute members only.
>Rather than debating the basic values shared by Extropians, the purpose of
>this list will be to discuss ideas in depth, to post news items, and to
>discuss strategies for spreading extropians ideas and for implementing them
>in our own lives (life extension, intelligence increase, psychological
>improvement, etc.).
>ACTION ITEM: To remain on this list (becoming the Extropians-Open List),
>you need do nothing. To make sure you are on the Extropians-Select List,
>you need to (a) make sure we have your current email address; (b) make sure
>your ExI membership is current. If you're not sure (the expiration date was
>on the mailing label of the last issue of Exponent), call or email me and I
>can tell you. You can renew by using the online form at
><>, or by emailing me your credit card info,
>address, etc. (to <>) or by phoning (310) 398-0375
>Please note that I will be leaving later this morning to head north for the
>Foresight Institute meeting, and so will be away from my email until late
>on Sunday. Any questions about the running of the two lists can be
>addressed to ExI's Electronic Communications Officer David McFadzean
>Max More, Ph.D.
>Updated website (Jan 98):
>President, Extropy Institute:,