Extropians in the news (Oz)

Grant Sparks (grant@sparks.to)
Sun, 31 May 1998 19:01:50 +1000

The magazine of a national daily newspaper this weekend ("The Australian
Magazine May 30-31 1998") devoted an issue to 'future technologies'.
All newbie stuff and no new news, but Extropians got a mention.

Carole Parker (author of 'The Joy of Cybersex') in an article beginning page
43 titled "Getting it on - line" slides us in between tele-dildonics (don't
ask) and VR.
She writes;
"Perhaps, as the extropian movement hopes, your computer will one day be
implanted in your brain and it will transmit your thoughts to another 'post
human' in computer-mediated telepathy. Your body may just become the lump
of flesh you would like to leave behind as you send your inner self off into
the ether. And which will be more real ? Your flesh or virtual self ? At
that point it may be taken that your body is merely occupying space on earth
while your mind is involved in a society that has no physical presence as we
know it now."

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His subject is 'Send in the Clones'.

Grant Sparks